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About Face Massage

04 Jan 2020

The benefit of facial massage is to help boost energy to your facial muscles, boosts oxygen flow, and release face tension, also stimulate blood circulation to plump skin which make your skin healthy. Also, the facial massage helps to stimulate collagen production and strengthen face muscle memories.

Apart from skin benefits, face massage help release tension on your face, neck, shoulder and head - which helps to promote 'Better Sleep'.

Our technique is different!

Sep 2020


Our technique is different.

🔑 The key is -- our technique also focuses on 'Qi' or 'ENERGY FLOW' as well as releasing muscle tension -- You will feel not only tension becomes looser, more flexible, more relaxed, but also more refreshed increasing body energy than others, by the end of the session you will feel 'COMPLETELY BALANCED'.

The proper movement of both Qi and blood through the body creates health and harmony because Qi is the energy current that runs through our bodies, providing us with circulation of nutrients, and minerals. When the Qi runs properly, it means energy, circulation of blood nutrients and minerals run properly too. You will feel refreshed less tired and more flexible.

People who haven't got energy flowing properly will likely be more fatigued and might feel as though some of their body’s systems aren’t working properly, such as catching colds easily to allergies and depression.

For Office Syndrome

Sep 2020

For Office Syndrome, 

we have PARAGON THAI ( Thai Yoga Massage & Signature Massage ) that has been created to help reduce its symptoms.

As we have the same routine, day in day out, eg. sitting down in the same position for a long time, working on computers, standing up for long hours, driving long distances on a regular basis, this can cause tension, knots, exhaustion or aches around our body. We learn that Thai Yoga Massage and our Signature Massage are a great combination to deliver the ultimate benefit.

Thai Yoga Massage uses a traditional practice of ancient healing combining acupressure, stretching, and yoga therapy.

Benefits received from Thai Yoga Massage include; Reduction of physical tension, aches and fatigue, Improved blood circulation, and rejuvenating the body, increase body flexibility when doing regular activities and promoting a sense of well-being for the body, mind and spirit.

After Thai Yoga massage, our therapist will perform our Signature massage to soothe you muscle tension.

Combining two wonderful massage techniques together brings better benefits to release tension and fatigue, improve blood circulation and gives the recipient a sense of balance and calmness.